Support for relatives of people with brain injury

3rd Thursday of the month
Help and information can be difficult to obtain when a family member sustains a brain injury. For example, following a road traffic accident, assault, or illness. At Kemsley, National Brain Injury Centre, St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton, specialised rehabilitation for people with a brain injury has been provided for over 30 years. Alongside this, staff have worked with family members and partners to share knowledge and offer opportunities for support. We offer support to family members from Northampton and the surrounding area in the form of a monthly meeting held at Kemsley. Between 7 and 9pm it offers an opportunity to meet other people in a similar position to yourself, that is, following a brain injury to a family member. In addition, expertise from professionals in rehabilitation, for example, Neurology, Neuropsychology, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Work and Occupational Therapy can be made available to offer information and insights about life after brain injury and ideas to improve coping.

For further details and to confirm attendance telephone: 01604 616521

Information leaflet can be found here

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