What does rehabilitation mean?

Rehabilitation means helping you to get your strength and independence back after serious illness or accident.

Hurting your head can cause lots of different problems and one of these can be having trouble doing the things you used to do before you got sick or hurt your head.

Maybe some of the things you used to do before are hard to do now. Rehabilitation will help you to re-learn those skills so that overtime you will be able to do more for yourself without help and hopefully get some of your independence back!

A rehabilitation programme is special plan that will help you to adjust.

Information from (www.aboutbraininjury.org)

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What will having a rehabilitation service be like?

Rehabilitation is about encouraging and helping you to do things for yourself. Specially trained carers work with you under the guidance of a specialist multi disciplinary team to ensure rehabilitation is person centred on the patient.

How long will I have the service?

Each person’s progress is different and it is difficult to predict how long recovery will take. Each service is for a set period, but this may be extended or another rehabilitation service offered, if that is the best thing to do.

As mentioned above depending on what service is right for the patient, it may mean that appropriate placement is out of the country and away from your family network, however families are allowed to visit and be involved in the care process.